leather humpback with small boat
leather whale lighthouse
edit-flying sheep close
edit-edit-flying sheep
steampunk whale from back
steampunk whale dried flowers
edit-steampunk whale eye
edit-flying sheep spring
edit-steampunk whale diver
edit-steampunk whale eyelets tail
edit-steampunk whale compass
edit-steampunk whale berries
flying sheep wing

Flying Steampunk Whale!

So far, well for right NOW, this is my favorite thing I've made! I just love humpback whales. Seeing them is the #1 reason I moved to Maine. I love steampunk too. I just think it's groovy! So to put the two together was and is a thrill for me! This guy has a blowhole that I've put a teeny-tiny little vial in so you can add flowers or anything that will fit. You can add some water and use fresh flowers or herbs, whatever you can think of...incense, matches, a magic wand... This guy has real barnacles from my beach glued to him.


I've stamped the words "Leviathan" and "Whaling" into the leather and added the coordinates to Eastport Maine. He carries a compass so he won't get lost during his migration. There's a door on his side you can open to discover our own Diver Ed of The Starfish Enterprise fame!

Other Recent Projects

Head Harbor LIghthouse


Do you want to see a whale or two? Of COURSE you do! Well I cetainly do!  Travel to Head Harbor Light, on Campobello Island, Canada and you're almost sure to see one or two or three... From Eastport, the easiest and most fun way to see whales is to go on an Eastport Windjammers Whale Watching Cruise. I've gone with them an embarrassing number of times. But the whales are what drew me here, so I'm only a little embarrassed. 


The lighthouse is lovely. I decided to make a Dianna model of it with my unique spin(s). Here's what I have so far. I've made the basic shape and I've carved lines in it to represent the siding. I want to make windows and figure out what to do for the top. I made a lighthouse on top of a whale a couple of years ago. That existed only in my mind. The model for this one really exists! You could go and see it! with whales swimming nearby and seals and sharks even!

This fish is made of a ton of leather leaves that I dyed to look like fall colors. I love his face and his lips make me laugh-out-loud! He's a unique friend who seems to have a secret. 

Smaller Octopus Pattern

I'm so honored to be able to display some of my art in Don Dunbar's Studio on Water Street in Eastport. I definitely think the Octopus should be in there. The problem is I've fallen in love with him! So I decided I better make another one, a bit smaller might make sense. Here is the result. I love him too! 

Steampunk leather-leaf fish

I'm making these super cool flying sheep!  Somewhere, sometime in my childhood I KNOW I heard Monty Python say, "Look! It's a flying sheep!" I can't find it online anywhere, but I know it exists, if only in my mind. These sheep rock. You pull on the sheep and the wings and the sheep bounce around. It's adordable! The wool is actually angora goat aka mohair! I now own two angora goats! WHAT??? Yes I do! They are the sweetest cutest animals you can imagine! I got the wool for this project from the same place I got the goats! I've needle felted them and added a leather face which I shaped to look like a sheep face and I am giving them leather wings, so far angel and bat. I tried butterfly, but that looked funny. Next year I will  use the wool from my own goats!


I'm also making my own springs to go with these, because I frankly couldn't find any to buy. So it's a learning process and I keep learning! These sheep are just the cutest! I hang them on driftwood I gathered from my beach.

Steampunk Airship

Flying Sheep!

Octopus Sculpture

Now that I am in Maine, I have shifted (yet again) and am making a series of nautical sculptures etc. I've decided to call them Nautical Nonsense. Right now I'm working on this prototype of an octopus sculpture. It's always so fun and challenging to make something I've never made before. I keep going back and forth on the details but I'm diggin' how it looks at the moment at least. 


Update: I kept this guy around for so long without ever attaching the eyelets/suckers that I kinda fell in love with him just the way he is. I've made another smaller one with just a few differences, but no eyelets. Oh well. It wasn't meant to be. When a project is DONE,  I simply have to move on. 


plague Doctors


What Are You Working On?

I am thrilled to be designing a few masks for a ballet company based on Alice in Wonderland! So far, I have finished the Cheshire Cat and The White Rabbit. It's been so fun working with the artistic director for this project. It couldn't be a better fit with my lifelong bond with "All things Alice."

 This page will showcase what I'm working on NOW in whatever capacity that might be. I hope that this will encourage you to share what it is that you are "working on!"

Alice in Wonderland Characters

for a Ballet in New York

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