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    house from whale watching boat            front of house                           from ww boat

    The cottage I’ve moved to in Maine has HUGE windows facing the sea that I absolutely love. The combination of being on the sea, and having so many windows makes watching nature and the changes in the weather truly spectacular! From my studio loft windows, I can see the bay, Maine's mainland and Deer Island, Canada. 

    I I keep a pair of binoculars on my desk so I can grab them quickly to get a better look at this stunning world all around. Sometimes I see deer and red squirrels. I watch birds, mostly crows, seagulls and eagles. Frequently I see blue jays and chickadees. Sometimes I catch a group of cormorants flying by, or loons flying right above the surface of the ocean. The crows often fly in  a loosely formed group that lacks any real discernable structure.  The seagulls usually fly by my house one by one. I notice whole flocks of them flying around the lobster boats, or I see huge gatherings of them assembled above the water diving for fish and other fodder. When I observe eagles there's usually just one of them, though sometimes I see two together flying in a way that takes my breath away. Two young eagles were spinning and falling with their talons fully extended as I watched from my living room window. My guess is they were in some type of mating ritual. I’ve seen the eagles fly in groups of three from inside my home...through the windows. 


    One of the first things we did when we moved here was put up a great deck that almost spans the whole back of the house facing the water. One day I was sitting in my living room when a blue jay flew to the rail of the deck right outside the window and scolded me. At least that’s how it seemed. Blue jays are as smart and as verbal as crows, and this one was agitated. I assumed he must have known that I had brought a bird feeder AND birdseed from Indiana with me and had  neglected to put them out. The blue jay showed up and ranted at me several days. So I finally acquiesced and put up the little birdfeeder. Now when I’m in the living room, I see blue jays and chickadees constantly at the feeder. It’s amazing to watch them on their level fly from the trees to the feeder. The birdfeeder is on the highest part of the deck and is probably at least 20 feet off the ground.  

    A good deal of boat traffic passes by my windows. It's different than it was in Annapolis though. There I mostly saw sailboats, but here it's working boats and barges. HUGE ships pass, and small working boats as well. I see many boats almost every day.  Sometimes the lobstermen are so close to my house that I can quite easily see them bringing in their cages. I'm absolutely sure if I called out to them they would readily hear me.  It's funny. I think if the barges were trucks I'd have no interest whatsoever, but because they're BOATS, they have me mesmerized. 


    But it’s the constantly changing water and weather that truly has me spellbound. I often catch myself just standing by a window and watching the seascape wondering how long I've been standing there!  My house is on a point of the island, so I have water in front, beside and behind me. It’s GLORIOUS! It’s stirring. Today we are caught at the tail end of a hurricane. I have no power in the house. It’s windy and rainy and the pine and birch trees are bending so much that I fear they will all break. The water is imposingly grey, moving swiftly with white capped waves. Some days the water is as blue as the Caribbean with darker patches where the clouds block the direct sunlight. In the mornings there’s a mist that moves across the surface. At times it’s as still as glass. Often, because of the currents and the tides there are whirlpools swirling around in otherwise still water. The tide here is the highest in the world and the current changes continuously.  In the early evening I watch the sunset and the moon rise over Deer Island. The stars here are brilliant. It is truly an ebb and flow. Everytime I look through my window, the scene is in the process of changing. 



    These windows are giving me constant access to the splendor of nature all around me. It’s inescapable. It’s causing me to be so completely grateful for life in all its forms. I knew I wanted lots of windows but I hadn’t anticipated what a decisively positive impact they would have on my experience of living in this cottage by the sea.  



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