My Marvelous Minutes in MAINE!

    I am sitting in my studio watching the second... well the only word for it is SHIP go by on Passamaquoddy bay.  Between the ships I saw a lobster boat pulling in its cages while countless seagulls ambushed it. They were only countless because they kept moving, encircling the boat hoping for scraps of bait to fill their gullets with. 

    I can hear the water lapping much louder now due to the wake of the latest ship that has just passed my windows in this channel. 

    I am here.

    I made it!!

    I have been living in Maine since the very last  days of August. My house sits up on a cliff overlooking the bay which locals are apt to call the ocean. My studio is on the second floor. There are 4 big windows up here from which I can see Deer Island Canada, the mainland of Maine and of course the Bay.

    I am HOME.

    I live in Eastport which is located on Moose Island in "Downeast, ME."  Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States. The sun rises here first. My house is about 4 miles north of the city itself on a point...on a cliff...on an ISLAND. 

    I wake up outrageously early, on Maine Standard Time as my dear friend, Dyan has nicknamed it because I have always been a night owl. I am usually up by 7 or 7:30 am. The first thing I do is make myself a cup of exquisitely delicious coffee WITH CREAM that I get from the local organic dairy and maple syrup that I brought with me from Indiana. I step out on my deck, maybe watch the bald eagles that live here soar by and the chickadees and blue jays at my birdfeeder.

     I chop wood on my hill for firewood and try to stack it neatly. Leia, my blue merle rough collie and I go for a walk on one of the trails, or on warmer days we walk out onto my rocky beach. I breathe. I am so grateful. I cook a healthy meal almost exclusively from food I obtained from that local dairy (Tide Mill). Or I might make a loaf of bread. I am composting all of my meal scraps. I’m saving all of my used paper for kindling for the woodstove or the firepit. Then I read something I got from the quaint, lovely local library and by then, it’s time to think about going to bed. I climb into my steaming hot tub and watch the moon and stars from the high windows that surround my bathroom. Then once I’m all toasty, I snuggle into bed where I can continue to watch the bright sky as I drift off to sleep.

    There is a whale watching boat that leaves from the harbor in downtown Eastport. I've gone out with them I think 5 times to see minke and humpback whales, along with seals, harbor seals and porpoises and waterfowl.  Next year I intend to ask them if they will consider selling me a season pass. :-)  There’s nothing I would rather do than be out on the water watching sea mammals! 

    You can see whales right out of my window, so I’ve been told, but for various reasons, this year was not a good one for whales in these waters. I have hope that I will see many  FROM  right HERE at my studio window when they come back from warmer waters in May.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I LOVE this life I am experiencing on this Island. Everything about it suits me, fits me. Is me. I am living the dream.           




    Anne says (Nov 19, 2020):

    I’m very happy for you, my dear friend!!! Love you!!! Anne S

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