Maine Trip Busted By Covid-19 Pan(dem)ic!

    (Well everything I typed here disappeared which sucks. I'll try to type what I remembered at least the good stuff). :)

    (Over a week ago at this point) Bryan and I set off in our Hundai for a road trip to Maine to explore options for our new venture, Natural Narratives. Our house here is practically sold, so we called a hotel in Maine to make sure the trip would be considered essential travel, we left behind a cat, 3 dogs and 4 ducks in the capable hands of Bryan's son.  With high hopes of high tides we set out of the midwest and toward the East coast. 

    I was full of love and joy as we started our adventure in our little car. Traveling during a feared pandemic that affects the entire world is not something we took on lightly. After the trip I would not recommend it! We weren't traveling long before the strangeness of this time became upsettingly obvious. No restaurants were open so we were forced to eat in our car getting our food from fast food joints or from gas stations. The first meal or two in the car were fun. But after that it just irriatated the hell out of me. There's no where to put your drink or if you want codiments it's nearly impossible to use them and the whole ordeal is a recipe for messiness! And then you can't wash your hands after they're sticky. Worse than that was the fact that we needed to wear a mask to go into the gas stations to browse or use the bathroom. Masks aren't mandatory in Indiana and I felt my freedoms were being trampled upon. I was so infuriated by this, not only that I had to wear a mask, but that everyone else had to as well. 

    After driving about 11 hours or so we decided to get a hotel in Williamsport, PA which seemed like a very cool town though we weren't there until about 9 pm. There was a Wegman's (a very swanky grocery store) right next to the hotel so we went there excited to buy some food and be able to eat it in a hotel instead of in the car! Bryan wanted Kosher salami and onion rolls which Wegman's sells but they were sold out which was disappointing but we found other meat and bread and were satisfied, though I was ticked about having to wear a mask. 

    The second day was similar to the first, stopping to get gas, eating crappy food and being compelled to wear masks whenever we stepped out of the car. We arrived in Maine in the early evening and were delighted to begin our house hunting on the follwing day.  We decided to drive into Augusta and get a hotel. The first hotel we tried was obviously closed. The second one appeared to be opened so Bryan called and explained our situation and asked if we could stay. They said, "no." Then he called the hotel we had called before we left Indiana and was told we couldn't stay there. He explained we had already called but the gal at the desk said each hotel is franchised and she could not allow us to stay. So I started calling hotels and we both called B&Bs and AirB&Bs and anything we could think of.

     It was dark. It was in the 30s. We had been driving over 10 hours. We were exhaused and frankly by this point  desperate and scared.

    we need life in all it's form including viruses and bacteria, and we need sunshine and water and animals and air and conversations and hugs and hand holding and play and natural fiber to knit and milk from cows and goats to drink WITHOUT steralizing all of it.


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