Smoke on the Water

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    One of the coolest things about living right here on a cliff on a point on an island on the ocean is the water. I’m so close to Deer Island Canada that it’s hard for me to think of THIS as the sea, but well, it IS. When I look straight out from my desk in my studio, I can see the coast of Maine, and when I look to my right, I see Deer Island with its hills and pine trees and small villages and even a salmon farm. The water almost seems land-locked. But I know it’s not. I can see the tip of Deer Island, but the view of the open ocean is blocked by the mainland of Maine. It’s still weird to me that this is actually salt water! Everyday I find myself staring out the window at the water, or at the seagulls or crows or eagles or cormorants or ducks or even the chickadees and squirrels that are enjoying the seeds I keep donating to them.


    This morning when I first glanced out the window I was stunned and THRILLED to see Sea Smoke. It's dynamic because it's dynamic - literal moving clouds rolling on the surface of the sea. It's moving over the face of the deep. It's glorious, stunning and eerie. It's constantly changing. It's perfect!

    This is why I moved here - to see the beauty of the earth. close up. constantly. 

    I'd never heard of sea smoke. but it was a phenomenon!! I looked it up online and discovered that it happens when the air is significantly colder than the water. There’s no doubt of that TODAY! It’s 10 degrees F out. It was too cold to be outside for more than a few seconds without having all of my exposed skin screaming at me that I was in mortal danger! It reminded me of living in Maine...which I DO...again! Though before it wasn’t a trick of perspective. I was completely land-locked in Caribou.


     Oh how well I remember driving to Maine as a little child with my family. We hadn’t intended to go to Maine. Maybe we were headed to Boston? But I remember my mom saying we were so close we should check it out. So we did. We went to a beach, probably Kennebunkport.  The seaside was so cold that we HAD to stop and buy sweatshirts for all 6 of us if we intended to spend even a few minutes there. I will NEVER forget the feeling of being a little kid hearing the water lap, feeling the wind, and being all cozy in my big new sweatshirt. It was intoxicating. I was bewitched. I’ve been unwittingly trying to get back to Maine ever since that experience. 


    The water is constantly in a state of flux here, not only from the weather, but also from the tides.  It’s fascinating and breathtaking, and strangely exciting and peace producing at the same time. It’s thrilling. It seems RIGHT to see it. It feels exhilarating and calming. I know that this doesn’t make any sense and someone should get me a mood ring, but I feel ALL of this...all the time here. I feel...ALIVE.





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