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    I moved to the coast of Maine so I could experience LIFE every day. I want to be close to nature in the remarkable and unusual ways she expresses herself in this part of the world.  Oh wow! I just looked out the window from my studio and I’m seeing a TON of whirlpools. The swirls churn up bubbles that float on the surface and accentuate the rims of the agitated  water. This swirling water is a metaphor for something. I just have no idea what...yet. But I’ll figure it out. And then I’ll write about it!  Eastport has the largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere. I can ALMOST see "Old Sow" from my house, but I can definitely see the ones right outside my window! They are constantly changing and churning but right now they are striking! I think the tide is changing.






    Old Sow Whirlpool, Eastport, ME


     Leia and I went for a walk down on the beach an hour or so ago at low tide because I wanted to be able to climb down to the water in as few steps as possible. When the tide is low, I can walk around the front of the rock pier on “dry” land. Otherwise, I have to climb down on the other side which is a much steeper climb. So today, with all of my layers on and how flippin’ cold it was, I just didn’t FEEL like trying to climb down!  I actually checked the tide chart, something I’ve never had to worry about before, in my life... and timed my walk an hour or so before low tide. 


    The landscape here is so extraordinary. I feel sometimes like I’m on another planet. The rocks and cliffs are so severe and imposing. The beach is completely covered in gravel, not one grain of sand to be seen. It feels like a fantasy, some type of unexplained terrain just here for weaving magic spells.


    We walked right next to the water until there was so much seaweed there, that prudence demanded we walk by the cliffs. It was so much fun! Leia was happy to run and excited to smell the seaweed, and gosh, I have no idea what she could smell out there, but whatever it was, she was smelling it with enthusiasm. 


    Icicles clung to the cliffs which jutted out way above my head. We wandered, until we came to a simple wooden staircase with a rope across it and a sign that said, “No Trespassing, No Hunting, No Fishing.” I haven’t been able to discern who owns this land yet. From my house, the road, AND the water, I haven’t seen any houses here. Still the sign got my attention and I figured we’d better get back to land that I’m sure is mine or my neighbor’s, who has assured me she doesn’t mind my dog and me walking on it. 



    As we return home,  I’m full of love and joy. There’s something inexplicably comforting about being all bundled up and walking on the rocky seaside with a beautiful collie close at my side. I am so grateful. I’m back in my house now with a fresh cup of coffee helping me blot out the chill. As I stir in my cream, I’m reminded of the swirling tide. It means...SOMETHING.                   


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